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    Folks -- A couple of things.

    1) Do not give out your email addresses or personal details freely on the forums. We have no way of preventing them from being abused.

    2) Before you start handing out questionaires to your membership base .. MAKE SURE that this is not a marketing gimick. I'm usually pretty suspicious of highly anonymized signups like hkhousewife's.

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    I leave myself anonymous for my own protection, KnowItAll-- same with the hotmail account. I wouldn't post my personal one.
    The majority of people out there in the world are sincere. There's only the odd stinker that ruins it for everyone.
    But I agree with you KIA-- one should never be too careful with personal information. I hate spam just as much as the next person.
    So, everyone-- have a little faith in the housewife-- my intensions are legit-- and for those of you who have replied and filled out my questionairre without doubts--- thank you kindly.
    HK is a big town, so facilitating some of the legwork online saves me a lot of running around....

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    >> I leave myself anonymous for my own protection

    Sort of ironic when you're asking people to fill up surveys.

    I'll reserve my judgement...

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    The AWA women meet every Thurs at the Marriott Hotel Lobby for coffee. It might be easier to do face to face interviews.


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    Yes, I will be doing as much as I can in person as well- I have recieved quite a few private and positive responses from the forum, so it has been a nice way to get the ball rolling. It's just weeding through the cynicism.
    thanks rani

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    I'm not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing that youre study is a gender specific study. Won't houseman have the same "problems" as houswifes, or will they deal with them differently ? As for my own experience, it is coming up as i am moving to HK in 4 weeks to be a houseman. So no data there yet.
    You might want to check out the internetsite's of different Expat community's of individual country's. The Dutch (and probably every other nationality) seem pretty busy housewifes.

    Good luck.

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    dank u, Matt. Ik spreek een weinig Nederlands!
    Ik gebruikte om binnen te leven 's-Hertogenbosch... Ik hield van het.

    I think it would be interesting to study the male perspective as well. But I've had to narrow the parameters of my study due to time constraints on the study. The male and female perspectives are going to be slightly different-- inherent gender roles are different. Stay-at-home males is an entire study unto itself. To study both perspectives would be too large an undertaking for one person to do alone in the time that I have to complete it for my university course. Too bad, I think it would be a great comparison.

    Enjoy your move to HK, Matt.
    I'll think of you next time I have Koffie en stoeltjes