Amendments to rental contract - what needs to be stamped?

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    Amendments to rental contract - what needs to be stamped?


    my rental contract (1+1) is about to reach its first (fixed) year. It is a bit uncommon since the second year is optional on both sides, i.e. the landlady can terminate the contract in the coming year too. While I'm generally happy with my place, I want to amend the agreement such that a) the fixed period is set to one year again (I don't want to risk having to search for a new place while I'm busy with my thesis) and b) the rent is lowered (I signed the contract just before the Lehman took the real estate prices down).

    While I hope that my landlady will agree on that, I'm not sure what I need to do - can I just set up a document with my suggestions and have her sign it, or do I need to get a whole new contract and have it stamped? I don't mind the 200HK$ stamp duty but I would like to avoid the hassle.

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    talk to her about it and if she agree's just write it in both contracts and sign off on it with new dates. No need to get new contracts and pay stamp duty again in my opinion.