House leaking raw sewerage

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    Angry House leaking raw sewerage


    I was wondering whether anybody could point me in the right direction of which official departments that I could complain about a problem I have with a rented house in Redhill please.

    The drains in our house are leaking raw sewage and our landlady refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem. I've just filed a complaint online with the Department of Environmental Health because of the obvious health implications, but I'm not sure whether there are any other official bodies that I should be contacting.

    Needless to say, it is a disgusting problem and I am furious with my landlady. She doesn't seem to think that it's a problem, nice landlady eh? What I really think of her is too impolite to voice in public, but there have been outbursts of John Aldridge World Cup Level swearing.

    Any help would be greatly received

    Hopping Mad Nicky

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    Food and Hygiene Department.

    Make sure you video tape it, and also get the management company to come and look at it, and enter it into the building log book as official complaint made. Also, inform all your neighbours (above and below you) so that they know. They will go ballistic and put the the pressure on her.

    Move out and hit her with the hotel bill. Also, eat out and collect bills. You cannot cook in a house leaking raw sewage.

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    FEHD is the place to go. If you get no quick response to the online complaint then call them.
    Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

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    Thanks very much cougar88 ad PDLM. The proverbial hit the fan today, and after a particularly bad leak, the management agency on site finally came and took action.

    Well, I say took action, they pulled up some drain covers and identified that there was a blockage somewhere in the pipes. Thanks Sherlock. I took plenty of photos and video ready for tomorrow's onslaught of complaining. I'm going to go down to the FEHD in Aberdeen tomorrow in person and will present them with the evidence.

    The landlady is sending an odd-job man round tomorrow, but I'm going to ring a professional drainage expert and a decontamination service to clean the entire house and charge it directly to her. A right bloody nightmare of a day.

    Thanks again.