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Are there fireworks on July 1st?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brown_By_Nature:
    I think there is gonna be some fireworks in my toilet pretty soon after all the spicy mexican food I had last night.
    did u remember to put a toilet roll in the fridge last night

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    lol.. no, but that would have been a great idea

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    At 8pm we sh0uld stand cheek by j0wl while facing t0wards The Magic Castle where weather permitting we may be able t0 glimpse a firew0rks display.
    0r just watch it here

    Realtime weather photo at Peng Chau Automatic Weather Station overlooking Disneyland

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    Quote Originally Posted by climber07:
    I think there is a lot of confusion around July 1st fireworks and the government / tourism board has not helped to make this any clearer.

    To my knowledge, there has only been 3 "proper" July 1st firework displays in HK.

    1. July 1, 1997 - Handover Day
    2. July 1, 2002 - 5 year Anniversary of the Handover Day
    3. July 1, 2007 - 10 year Anniversary of the Handover Day.

    However, to make things confusing in 2006 the Tourism Commission decided to enhance the nightly Symphony of Lights show with pyrotechnic displays (these fireworks were fired from several skyscrapers in Central) on June 24 and 25 and July 1 and 2.

    Thus, as there were some kind of "fireworks" on July 1st for 2 years in a row 2006 & 2007, some people falsely assumed that these were an annual event. In 2008, due to the unfortunate events of the Sheshuan Earthquake, many places canceled festivals and fireworks throughout China (including Hong Kong Disneyland). Thus, many people again wrongly assumed that that was the reason the fireworks did not occur in 2008.

    Just for giggles, I called the tourism board this morning and verbally confirmed that there will not be any fireworks tomorrow night. However, the ones on the National Day (October 1st) should be very impressive given the 60 year milestone.

    Based on the past events we may assume that the next July 1st fireworks could occur in 2012 to mark the 15 years anniversary of the handover.
    Appreciate the info. Guess I'll have to wait until 10/1.

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    HK obviously getting worse and worse after hand over.i don't see any point to celebrate for.

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    Post Are there any fireworks on 1st july 2011

    are there any fireworks on 1st july 2011 ?? if yes please tell the venue and time

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    No. The fireworks are on October 1st and the second day of Chinese New Year.

    The only exception was in 2007 when they had fireworks on 1st July for the 10th anniversary of the handover.

    Why do people ask this every year without simply reading the previous answers?

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    nah, just become Canadian and enjoy our National Day today...cheers to all the Canucks in HK!

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    July 1st 2012, can anyone tell me where the fireworks are tonight?

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    actually, at 15 yrs since handover, could there be?? (there were at 10....)