Fridge Problem with rented Apt

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    Fridge Problem with rented Apt

    Since we moved into our fully furnished apartment mid March, our fridge has had a problem where it only works for half the time. Basically our freezer is unusable as everything constantly thaws and refreezes.
    A repairman has come 3 times, but has finally failed to fix it (even though he thought it was fixed), so basically the fridge seems to be broken and that is that.
    Our landlord has apparently decided that since it`s broken and new fridges are `very expensive`, tough luck for us. WTF?!?! I`m beyond livid and can`t believe their attitude since we moved in here as a furnished place and clearly without a working fridge that is on the inventory list, it is falling short. And in this heat!
    So I have 2 questions:

    1) no doubt it is unethical, but is the landlord within her right not to do anything more about the broken fridge?

    2) anyone know any ENGLISH SPEAKING refrigerator repairman that I can arrange myself for one last ditch effort?

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    1) If it's on the inventory then the landlord is required to maintain it in working order (assuming no negligence on your part). But if the landlord declines then you are within your rights to get it fixed and then deduct the cost from your rental payments (sending a copy of the receipt to the landlord). Obviously the repair cost must be reasonable.

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    The problem is that even the fridge company repairmen could not fix it after 3 tries. I think we need a new fridge but the owner has refused.

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    Could you not compromise? You buying the new fridge and deduct from the coming month's rent? A new fridge cannot cost more then 1 month's rent anyway, unless it is designed to FLY.

    Are you within your rights to do this anyway without the landlord's consent?

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    if any realestate agent involved in this rental agreement , please talk to the agent. They will help you to solve the problem. Samething happened to me for the Air condition , in the begining landlord refused to replace a new one. I spoke to the realestate agent and he explained to the landlord and convinced him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghkg:
    Samething happened to me for the Air condition , in the begining landlord refused to replace a new one.
    Same thing happend to me as well, AC busted, landlord starting giving BS about she couldnt afford it in the end, she got us a new one. We pitched in $500 as a good will gesture as she only raised our rent by $200 and we love the place and the same size place just across is double the rent.

    Just be careful if you do buy a new one and charge it back to the landlord, he/she will probably try to deduct it from your deposit so remember not to pay the last two months rent, this will make sure you use up ur deposit.

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    it goes as a rule sometimes in HK that a landlord want only receive a monthly rent, but have nothing to maintain or pretend to be deaf when a tenant asks to fix something under "fair wear and tear". where does this attitude comes from, no idea, but it is a sort of typical trait of local landlords...

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