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    cmanoj, this is a wonderful site! Thanks!

    shoho, the depot in central, is it near the MTR?

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    route numbering system

    Route numbering system for public buses
    3 digits
    100's : Cross-Harbour Tunnel routes
    200's & 500's : Some air-conditioned bus routes
    300's : Some peak-hour only cross-harbour routes / Hong Kong Island recreational or special bus services
    600's : Eastern Harbour Crossing routes
    700's : Some Island Eastern Corridor routes / NWFB West Kowloon or Tseung Kwan O routes
    800's : Sha Tin Racecourse routes
    900's : Western Harbour Crossing routes
    Alphabet prefix
    Prefix A : Airport deluxe bus routes (except KCR Bus route A73, which is an auxillary route)
    Prefix E : North Lantau external bus routes
    Prefix K : KCR Bus routes
    Prefix M : Some bus routes that are terminated at Airport Express station
    Prefix N : Overnight bus routes
    Prefix P : A North Lantau peak-hour only route P21
    Prefix R : North Lantau recreational bus routes (for Hong Kong Disneyland)
    Prefix S : Airport shuttle bus routes
    Prefix T : Recreational bus routes (T stands for tourists)
    Alphabet suffix
    Suffix A, B, C, D, E, F: Conventional routes
    Suffix K : Mainly connecting to KCR East Rail stations
    Suffix M : Mainly connecting to MTR stations
    Suffix P : Most are peak-hour only routes (except KMB 8P and NWFB 8P, which are for whole day service)
    Suffix R : Recreational bus routes
    Suffix S : Peak-hour only routes or special services
    Suffix X : Buses using highways or express services

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    airay, you should really give credit when you cut'n'paste from the Wikipedia article on Hong Kong bus route numbering you know

    For what it's worth, there is also other useful information on that page anyway...

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    Now I have more than enough information to get around HK. This is great! Thanks everyone!

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    Some map books comes with a pocket sized public transport guide.Lost mine a while ago The most comprehensive resource ever.