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Sorry to return the thread to the original topic, but I thought of another thing I miss -- Shopping carts (trolleys) with fixed rear wheels. The little ones in HK with 4 wobblies are not too bad, but here in the UK I went to an Asda, and a full size cart well loaded is a BITCH to push across a sloping car park when all four wheels pivot. I understand the logic of 360 degree mobility in a crowded Shark-n-Pop store, but I'm in Leicester, in an Asda store approximately the size of the Happy Valley racecourse. There's plenty of room to maneuver around the 7 other shoppers you encounter.
Something else I miss--stores with aisles wide enough for two people to pass.
Every store in HK is like being in a bad Wal Mart (with regard to space in the aisles).