Questions you have about Islam (Hong Kong)

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    Lightbulb Questions you have about Islam (Hong Kong)

    Do you have any questions about Islam? Let me know.

    Some info from 1999



    The Muslim community in Hong Kong is about 70,000 in number, about one percent of the total population. Muslims here have different ethnic backgrounds. More than half are Chinese. Others trace their ancestry to Pakistan, Indian, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Arabia and Africa.

    The origin of Muslims in HK is difficult to trace. However, the Muslim community become conspicuous since HK came under British rule in the middle of the 19th century. The British brought Muslim soldiers from India. Coming with them were Muslim merchants. As Muslims increased in HK, forming a distinct community, the government allocated land to them to build mosques and cemeteries.

    As years went by, more and more Muslims came to HK and settled down. Among them were Chinese Muslims coming from the Mainland.

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    Sorry to resurrect this (non-) thread, but I recognise it as a copy/paste job from Wikipedia. It provokes some questions I've been pondering for some time.

    On the religion in HK page, it states that there are about 80,000 Muslims in HK, and that they are mostly ethnic Chinese. The number is not attributed, and I believe the government does not collect stats on religious preferences.

    On the Islam in HK page, it is stated that there are between 20,000 and 100,000 Muslims in HK, and that they are mostly of the Hui ethnic group. Again, no reference is given.

    Are there really that many Hui people in HK? I would have guessed that there were more Pakistani, Indian and Indonesian Muslims in HK than Hui. Any insights?

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    at least that seems to be the impression if you visit any Masjid in Hong Kong, rarely you see any Chinese, usually pakistani, Indian, Africans etc are to be seen..


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    Dear All,

    This relates to Islam in HK.

    Does anyone know whether there any Islamic Banking services offered in Hong Kong?

    Say if one would like to invest in financial funds (Commodities & Agriculture) that are Shariah Compliant - how can this be done? I have only found one but that’s China equities tracking fund from Heng Seng Bank.

    Would appreciate feedback/guidance