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    recommend an architect

    we're looking to fit a door in the kitchen allowing us out onto an outside terrace. the terrace is already there, but at the moment there's a wall preventing us from getting to it.

    the buildings department says that to submit a planning application we need an architect to come up with some proper drawings. in this case i guess the drawings will just be of a door!

    anyway, can someone recommend anyone? i imagine this will be a very simple job.

    we're having about eight weeks of work done starting mid october, so hoping we might be able to tag this work on at the end.

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    i suggest you contact original vision at gloucester road.

    | Original Vision |

    i dealt with one of their directors for some structural changes and they were very helpful. they come from an architects background, have 2 authorized persons (AP) as required by the buildings department on their staff list and also have a decoration/design department to take care of the 'looks'

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    brilliant. cheers cookie