Family with 2 working parents and 2 small children

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    Family with 2 working parents and 2 small children


    We are a family with 2 working parents and 2 small children, considering working in Hong Kong for 18-24 months. I am considering the following:

    1. Housing allowance - I think the company should pay for our housing
    2. My career - the job is with my husband's compnay, but I would want employment as well
    3. Car allowance?
    4. Care for my children - they are 3 & 4. When do they start school in Hong Kong? I would want private school tuition picked up by the company or nanny expense.
    5. Travel - I would want 2 weeks twice a year paid for by the company.
    6. Fully paid healthcare

    Am I being overly demanding? Am I forgeting anything?

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    i would go for schooling expenses PLUS a helper

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    >>> Am I forgeting anything?

    Yeah, why not ask for a few hundred square miles of the Moon whilst you are at it? <Grin>.

    God knows where you are coming from, but many people will gladly settle for less "benefits" just for the legal opportunity to live & work in HK - even for a short time.

    Me ?

    I've been living in HK for almost half my long life, and certainly don't want to go back to the grotty country of my birth - England.

    "Patriotism, the last refuge of a scoundrel" : Dr Johnson

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdembosky:
    Am I being overly demanding? Am I forgeting anything?
    You should have mentioned a LOT OF LUCK.

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    Housing = yes
    Medical insurance = yes
    Car = most people dont have cars here - the public transport is cheap and efficient.
    Kids = most people employ a live in Phillipino maid/helper. Their salary is about £4000 per year.
    Travel = we have one flight home paid for by the company + flight required for emergencies (eg; death of family member)
    I am a firm believer of if you dont ask, you dont get.

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    School fees (tuition) in a private school - yes

    But it could depend on education costs in home country. If schooling in your home country is free, your employer would generally pay for mandatory schooling expenses here, even though it may be public back home and private (e.g. int'l school) here. Or pick up the cost differential if not free back home. Same principle for any special needs. (BTW, in my employer's case, coverage starts at age 5; you pay for everything before that - e.g. playschool, nursery, etc).