The cookies on this site don't seem to work

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    The cookies on this site don't seem to work

    Does anyone else have the problem with this forum's tracking of read and unread threads?

    Mark forum as read doesn't seem to work as I'll use it and then come back the next day only to discover multiple threads marked as unread.

    Some threads will be bolded (as if unread) but when I goto last unread post, it's something old that I've read already.

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    The only problem I have is that when someone votes in a Poll it marks the thread as Unread again (giving the effect you mention in the last para), which I find irritating. Otherwise it all works fine for me (although I must admit I don't use "Mark Forum as Read" - I use the "Get New Posts" facility and only look down the list as far as the marker for when I last logged on).

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