What happens when PCCW contract expires?

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    My experience is that after a fixed contract expires you go onto a rolling month by month contract and have two choices:

    1) You can stay on the month-by-month which gives you flexibility.

    2) You can give them a call and suggest that you are considering whether to stay with them now that your contract has expired and they will offer you a cheaper rate, better bandwidth etc in return for committing to a new 2 year contract. Obviously if they don't offer you a significantly better deal than your rolling contract (or the market generally, or if you just want to keep your flexibility) then there's no point committing to a new 2 year deal.

    I've never come across the 'auto-renew' thing personally, with either PCCW or Cable TV in the past but maybe I've just been lucky.

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    I was informed that, upon expiration of the original contract, if we do not take any action towards cancellation on our own the contract will auto-renew for another 24 months.

    I called to cancel the contract upon expiry, but that was because of their stoopid policy requiring subscribers to accept ALL sports channel instead of just the one(s) that they want.

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    For my PCCW Mobile account, the contract has expired.
    I've also been offered some great handset and contract details if I will sign for another 18 or 24 months.
    I'm just waiting for a nice handset to come out that I want.. (I still love my w880i)
    PCCW Home Phone - cancelled that with a 1 month notice period a while back without trouble.

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    Avoid PCCW

    I too feel PCCW are a bunch of crooks, the first people I've thought that about since I've been in HK.

    Our 18 month phone contract expired. They didn't phone or send a letter asking us what we wanted to do. Instead they started charging us a massive amount for phone calls. When I phoned, they said the only way to get these amounts refunded was to sign a new, backdated contract.

    My suggestion to others is to keep an eye on when your contract us up, and then change companies. We will be.

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