Charity for Movember?

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    Charity for Movember?

    Hi -

    A group of us at the office are raising money by growing moustaches for Movember, an international effort to raise awareness and funding for men's health issues, primarily prostate cancer, testicular cancer and depression (obviously women also suffer from depression, but men are much less likely to seek assistance).

    Problem is - the current Movember setup is all aimed at funneling cash to mens' health charities in the UK/Canada/US/Australia. We want to keep it local, but we can't figure out which HK charity to donate to, as there don't seem to be any charities dedicated to men's health. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas?

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    PS. obviously there is a whole debate about why we should be going out of our way to only give the money to men. I would simply say that healthcare is one of the few areas where being a man is actually disadvantage, if only because all too often we are too "manly" to go to the doctor

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    Sarcasm - because beating the crap out of people is illegal

    Harmony House has a Man Hotline and a Third Path Man Service (for battered male spouses) which might welcome support.

    There is the Chinese YMCA Men's Centre for the Deaf.

    Or prostate cancer research at one of the universities.

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    Many thanks!

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    I looked into this previously, but didn't find much interest / support in it.

    As a result I'm shaving every day :-(

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    Too bad! I've got quite a frightening 'tache going.