Package sent to China instead of Hong Kong

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    Package sent to China instead of Hong Kong

    This may seem like a silly issue but a friend of mine sent me a Christmas gift from California using USPS (united states postal service) and they put China as the country and Hong Kong as the province.

    For ex.

    Flat C, 35/f.....
    556 street..
    Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

    And the tracking system that USPS provides says that the package arrived in "China Peoples Rep" on Dec 16... It is now Dec 20th.. and I still don't have the packag.
    I know that even though Hong Kong is a part of China, people usually don't put china in the address..

    So is my package lost? Or will the post office in china send it to me? I'm not sure what I should do at this point..
    Somebody help?

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    Not surprising that the package was addressed to 'Hong Kong, China'.

    I cannot be sure about what will happen now. If it is a simple package with a document or a letter inside then I think that it may get to you eventually, but at the pace of the Chinese postal system, whatever that may be. This is just a calculated guess.

    However, if there items inside the package that are dutiable (in China, that is), then it may be held up. I reckon it would be best to have the sender inquire with the USPS.
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    If you have the tracking number, call UPS instead of checking online. True story, I sent a document to Taiwan, a few days later I went online to check on the status and it told me to call DHL. I did, and turned out they sent the document to Beijing by mistake. They told me they had already sent it to the correct address afterwards, I asked them why I wasn't notified on the delay even though my full contact was there, their response was "we only call customers if the address needs clarification"... If you want to know what's going on you better call, don't expect them to give you details or follow up for you without you calling to draw their attention