do amahs make playdates? and do they have them usually outside in the playground or at home?

and do mothers or amahs leave kids in someone else's home for playdates?

how safe do mothers feel about leaving their child with another amah?

do children in primary schools have time for play after school?

i would be curious to know how it all works as i'm used to leaving my son (5 yrs) at someone's house and pick him up 1 1/2 hr later. he is sometimes in the care of another babysitter but most times mothers. mothers have left their children with my sitter even without meeting me or my sitter first. guess there is a safe community here in suburbs of new york.

as i'm planning to relocate i also wonder if my children will be exposed to fun and play outside of school. i will be a full time working mother so it will really be difficult to arrange playdates if i won't be available to mingle with mothers myself.