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    Post learning Korean

    Hello, members?

    I'm here in HK for nearly a month. Now I'm waiting for my working visa so far. For the Working Visa from the immigrantion office will take 4 - 6 weeks. I think it's really long way to waiting!!!

    I'm looking for student who want to learn Korean but intermediate level of speaking. I can help you to improve your Korean speaking from a native, I'm Korean.

    plz contact me 6334 6617, say in Korean or English..

    Thank you.

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    I really want to improve my koreans
    I only learnt the pronounciation in 1995 (so I can read the words and pronounce them, too. I can sing karaoke slow korean song)

    but I really want to speak and listen koreans....
    but what's your charging rate per hour??
    and the lesson schedule??