Hi there

Quick question.

If the Water Meter is removed from an appartment after the previous tenant has left: Is it for the new tenant or the landlord to apply for a new meter (cost is marginal ~ 200HKD) ?

And if the tenant (assuming in the Tenancy Agreement it is clearly stated that all cost associated to water maintenance...are covered by the landlord) what are the risk associated? i.e. when looking at the form request to be submitted to the Water Company it states that in case of works blablabla...the person who apply for the new meter shall be responsible....

Current landlord is arguing that in the past all tenants always applied by themselves. Water Company is saying there is not "much" risk.

Anybody with similar experience?

(new tenant is moving within the next 5 days and Water Company needs 3 days to install the new meter...so timing is tight)