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    Blocking Number

    Hi, this is my first post in this site!
    I live in hong kong. nice to meet u people!

    i just wanted to ask something:
    how do you block someone's number from calling to my home phone?

    i know "reject list" is supported in recent mobile phones so you can block anyone you don't want.

    but is there any way you can reject a phone call from the specific person calling to home phone?

    thank you!!

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    I'm not aware of any way to do this just on the network, assuming it's a PCCW line. The best you can do is to get caller display and simply not answer calls from a specific number. You might be able to get a fixed line handset that in conjunction with caller ID automatically drops the call. In addition you would need to have a "block-the-blocker" service so that the caller could not get round that by simply blocking their CallerID (of course this would also block calls from anyone else who chooses to block their ID).

    Details of PCCW Value Added Services here: Voice Package