hong kong style milk tea

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    Quote Originally Posted by PDLM:
    Can anyone provide any evidence for the assertion that "Fresh Milk" is actually reconstituted?
    on the label?

    no, logistics. how long does sea freight from say, Australia to HK take? 1 week? more? fresh milk wont last that long. it would take 5 days from cow to wharf to start with. it has to be powdered or UHT milk.

    Australia does airlift some milk to HK, according to DFAT website. the price would have to be premium though. i mean, the average person weighs 70kg, and it costs $4000HK to ship them to HK, so if the maths is transferrable, thats $57/kg just for freight
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    Still looking for organic milk...................Fresh

    Come on expats - put your knowledge into this one.

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