Hello all!

I am contemplating a transfer to HK and I have a couple of questions:
1. Is it possible to use a voltage converter so that I can use a US appliance in HK? (I have heard that these converters eventually destroy the appliance.)
2. At what age do (expat) children start school in HK?
3. My office will be across the border in Shenzen, are there any expat communities in the NT along the KCR East Line? Can't decide about being 1/2 way between the HK airport and Lo Wu, or just being as close to Lo Wu as possible. Would rather not move into Shenzen as I will have my wife and a months old baby and will need the larger English speaking population for comfort. (Yes, she is planning on learning Cantonese.) I haven't seen the package yet, so I have no idea as to my housing budget, but I could still use basic information/research.