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    Angry The St*nd*rd-HK Media Gang

    I am shocked by how ungracefully the HK newspaper is handling complaints from the readers. They published it on newspaper without my consent. Of course, they did not ask in the first place, and boom there it is without me knowing. I cannot help but to compare it to WSJ. When I had WSJ on some of sensitive issues, they responded to me immediately, apologizing for their unintentinal fault. When I contact f*cking The St*nd*rd, guess what I get. My full name disclosed on newspaper and no direct response ever. When I approached them the chief editor team tried so hard to brush me off, having their secretaries tell me they are at lunch from 12 pm to 4 pm. Speechless. After hours of struggle, what do I get? One line of unapolgetic word play. This is ridiculus! Is Hong Kong completely taken over by media gangs?

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    What was your complaint to the Sd&nd*!rd or whatever newspaper it was?