Polyester resin/Epoxy Resin

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    Polyester resin/Epoxy Resin

    I just got to here a month ago, i posted about this and surfing related stuff a few months ago. Now that I am here, I want to start a new surfboard for something to do. My problem is, I cant find any poly or epoxy resin to save my life. does anyone there happen to know of any boat shops or even the Cantonese word for this stuff? Ordering from the internet is not possible, the shipping and the fact that it is hazmat is making it to much $$$.
    Any help, tips or advice?
    Also, My boards will be here next month, anyone up for a surf?

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    sent an email and ask them, they may help. really a professional question.

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    Thank you for the link, hopefully they can provide some leads.

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    Head down to Sai Kung and on the main road into the town theres plenty of boat shops there which should stock them.

    92 bus from Diamond Hill will get you there, or the 1a minibus from choi hung mtr exit c.

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    Thanks Jimbo, i'm actually heading into Sai Kung tomorrow, hopefully they will have something like i am talking about.