Moving FROM HK - any moving company recommendations?

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    Not friggin' Lamma no more!

    If any relo company charges for a survey do not use them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KnowItAll:
    wingerika --- yeah and I've just heard horror stories about you overcharging one of our members and Matt not returning her calls.

    Lets face it, I would have never brought this up, until you came in and started spamming our forums.

    Fix your inhouse problems first please.
    Aww- wish you hadn't edit out their company name then!

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    Well, hopefully the message got across.

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    reliable moving company

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    I moved back from HK to the US about a year ago and used Columbia. DO NOT USE THEM. Very lousy service. The quote they have given me was about 30% less than the actual bill. Also, they told me that I was only responsible for any US tax incurred as the quote they have given me included all handling fees - HK and US. When our shipment arrived in the US, the US shipping office would not release our boxes until we pay them a handling charge. We told Columbia about this, but they refused to reimburse us. I am planning to file a complaint against them when I return to HK this summer. (Even though the handling fee was about US$250, it's the principal that counts!!!)

    I have used Santa Fe a few years ago for a shipment from Singapore to the US. They are expensive, but they are worth it.