HELP! I need a contractor for renovations.

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    HELP! I need a contractor for renovations.

    Hi. Had such a nightmare with various contractors, handymen in the past, and now that we're moving to yet another unrenovated apartment, I don't want to make the same mistakes again.
    Can anyone out there help with contact numbers etc., of their
    contractors...(naturally, only if they've been happy with the completed job!)
    Perhaps, also you could give me details too, of just WHAT work you had done, and your "success stories" I would really appreciate this, as I am really getting worried, about yet another disaster - thanks

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    Good expat contractor...

    His names Tony

    he's from the UK

    He's been doing it for years in and around Hong Kong

    used him a few times for office stuff and home

    his mobile number is 94912605