Anyone got a camera and want to shoot some scenes for a documentary?

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    Anyone got a camera and want to shoot some scenes for a documentary?

    I'm in HK shooting a couple of scenes for a documentary about positive technology for the future. I've got a fair amount of footage but need some more, mainly filler. Just as I crossed ino HK my camera busted so I need some help. If anyone's interested, I need either:

    1) Someone who can fix an S-Reel lock fairly quickly and cheaply.

    2) Someone who's interested in shooting some scenes of Hong Kong for an indie documentary which will be given away for free online. It'll most likely get upwards of 100,000 views, so it'd suit someone who was looking for exposure. I'm funding the film myself so I can only pay expenses.

    3) Someone who can lend or rent a half decent cam. (Unlikely I know)

    Please send me a PM and I'll respond...


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    You could try calling these guys to see how quickly they could fix it for you: A&S Broadcast

    (Though I guess that's going to be on Monday now.)

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    Thanks for your help PDLM, I got the thing working but some collaborators would still have been interesting...

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    sounds interesting! what scene u wanna shoot in hk?

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    it's mainly just 'filler': Scenes of skyscrapers/metro/markets etc.

    I've got most of it done and leave in a few days. If you know anyone who is interested in that sort of stuff and lives near TST they can PM me.... I need someone to translate for me in some situations. If not, no worries...