Organizations offering leisure activities?

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    Organizations offering leisure activities?

    I'd LOVE to join something on the side besides school activities, does anyone have any ideas where I can start looking? i've tried YMCA, but the courses they have on offer seems to be on the expensive side...I'd LOVE to try fashion design courses or language courses etc.! Anyone have any ideas? THNX!

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    Hi Cherry

    You mentioned "activity", so I don't know if you wanna find something for fun or really some sort of "courses". VTC IVE offers some good design courses, so as PolyU. For language courses, it depends on which language you wanna start with. In general I guess it'd a good idea to join "cultural" organization (e.g. for German that'd be Goethe-Institut), so on one hand you can learn the language, on the other hand you may be able to join their cultural activities, too!

    Cheers, Blom

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    Thnx! Does VTC IVE have a website?

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