Clubbing in Hong Kong

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    Clubbing in Hong Kong

    Hey everbody.

    Accidentially I found this website (Thread: clubbing solo...) by googling "clubbing in Hong Kong"...and I think the persons here are the most relyable, compared to other HK-Forums I found.

    However, because this is my first post in the forum I'd like to intodruce myself: My name is (SUPER)Mario, I am 24 years old and I am a Croatian guy, living and studying in Germany.

    Well, I already spent 6 months in Tokyo about one year ago, working as a trainee. In March I am going back to Tokyo. But before that, I am planning to visit Hong Kong for a short trip.

    I'll be in Hong Kong from February 23rd until February 28th, travelling by myself. Because I will stay over the weekend I thought it would be nice to explore the Hong Kong club culture. I love clubbing, I love parties and I love to have fun (who isn't)...

    Though I found some clubbing sites like "hkclubbing" and others, I'd like to hear your opinions and your experience. I also read the thread about solo clubbing, and I seems not that common to go solo clubbing in HK. So I'd be glad if somebody isn't afraid taking me with him/her...
    contact me: [email protected]

    I found some clubs on the internet like “Drop”, “Venue”, “Yumla” (which seems to be my taste), “Sugar” and others….what do you think?

    I'd be happy if you could post me some links, if possible...

    Actually I listen to any kind of music and I opened towards everything. From Electro, Miminma-Techno, House, Hard-House, Tech-House, R'n'B, Hip-Hop, Funk, Live-Music and Jazz... but please no commercial Music/Clubs...



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    Yumla has great electro after about 11pm. The place is way too small but the crowd is a nice mix of local hispsters and expat crowd. and no cover charge!!

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    Hey Simatai,

    Thanks for the information,...seems to be a nice place....

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    we're leaving for HK tomorrow [honeymoon YAY!! ], and yumla is on our list ofplaces to visit.. seems like a cool place that plays our sort of music..

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    Wr is this Yumla,

    I ve been DYING for some electro-house music (real one)!

    u understand me.......

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    It's right above the amphitheatre-looking thing at LKF. So say you're coming up by the main road from Central station. Turn a right at Ben and jerry's ice cream and continue on down the small street until you reach the amphitheatre area. then walk up the stairs. Yum la is half-way up the stairs.

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    Thank u so much for the directions buddy!