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Huh? 100% new unused newborn pampers

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    Huh? 100% new unused newborn pampers

    My latest 'huh?' moment: I'm referring to the classified ad that's currently running on the top right hand of this site, advertising "100% new unused newborn pampers".

    Do I even want to know why the seller needs to state that the pampers are unused? Is there a market for used pampers? Why are the pampers newborn? And why does the first line of the descriptive text say that they're designed for breastfeeding newborns? I thought that's what breasts are for?

    Ok, slow day at work. I'll get over it.

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    Presumably breast-feeding results in a different consistency, and hence a different design, or something? (I know nothing of these matters)

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    The advertiser needn't have mentioned that the Pampers are unused, noone in their right mind would sell/ buy soiled diapers.
    Daipers come in various sizes, Newborn ones are for newborn babies.
    The advertiser needn't have mentioned the diapers are for breastfed babies since Diaper manufacturers do not make diapers differently for breastfed or formula fed babies. However breastfed babies poo more often and their poo is more runny compared to formula fed ones.

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