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Good HK express company

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    Good HK express company

    Hi All,

    If I want to express something from HK to mainland, which is the good local express company??

    Since I may need this express service frequently (probably 2~3 times per week), I want some companies cheap but also with OK service. Are there anybody who have been using express service and suggest a good one??

    Thanks in advance!!~

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    Hong Kong

    Both companies I worked for in HK used these guys (for global couriering, not just China) and were happy with them.

    Royale International Courier Group - Hong Kong

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    We use SF Express for both local and into/out of China. They can do large and small docs also.

    Not sure of the China costs but we got a wooden crate, not too large from Guangzhou for about $80 HKD. Envelope Docs locally, order morning, afternoon delivery for $15 which is cheap.

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    Thanks Virago, SF is famous of good service but it is also the most expensive express company in China besides EMS, that is why I don't want to choose it. I hope there are something cheaper that I can find in HK.

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    I'll second the SF Express option ..