Should i marry to stay here easily ???

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    Unhappy Should i marry to stay here easily ???

    Hi everyone,

    I'm french and currently in Hong Kong with a tourist visa, but my gf is chinese (HK). I'd like to stay here and find a job but it's not so easy to get the working permit when we are young with only a little experience.

    My gf has find an information which says that if we marry, then i won't need any permit or visa to work and stay here, but we dun really like this idea to marry for a visa .......... Also, i know she's not really ready to say she's "Mrs" now, even if she can keep her chinese family name now.

    So in your opinion, should i marry to make everything easy or it's not so hard to get every permits ???

    Thanks for your help

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    Get married if both of you are absolutely sure you want to spend the rest of your life together. Your marriage should not be based on a visa.

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    Take a short trip to Macau/Shanzhen/Zhuhai and come back. U will get a 3 months visa extension (for french passport holder the extension is of 3 months) will give you more time to get a job and/or sort out your wedding pb

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    If you are having strong doubts about it, I can guarantee you that your gf really hates the idea (you know, women won't tell you that they don't like it, they expect you to figure it out etc...)

    If you have no experience, I suggest that you go back to France and work for a couple of years. Once you have the experience, you should have a better chance of finding a job.