Malaysian F1 Grand Prix

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    Malaysian F1 Grand Prix


    Does anybody where I could purchase tickets/tours to this years F1 in Malaysia??


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    Google is your friend

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    This may do the trick:

    Here's a website for a company based in the UK- they're quite good and I 've purchased GP tickets from them before:

    Of course, it'll depend on whether or not you want to deal with your purchase in GB pounds or US dollars....

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    Try If you have subscribed to their e-newsletter you will get special discounts on tickets & hotel packages too.

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    Try Geert Peters at 9211 2400. He organises packages for the Malayasian GP.

    The following is extracted from Geert's brochure. Admins please delete if you feel that this constitutes marketing or suchlike.

    For the 4th year, we organize a group trip to the Sepang F1 circuit. This years’ second race of the
    season is scheduled for 19 March 2006.

    For any question, remark, any single thing, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. In the next few days, the website will get updated as well, feel free to forward to anyone who might have interest in an exciting weekend;

    For the first time, we are dealing directly with Malaysian Airlines.
    Departure from Hong Kong on Friday March 17, 2006, flight MH73 is leaving at 14:35 and arriving in Kuala Lumpur at 18:20

    Return from Kuala Lumpur Monday March 21, 2006, flight MH74; departure 18.45, arrival in Hong Kong 22.30h. This means you still have time on Monday to do some shopping or sightseeing. We leave the hotel by bus around 15:30h.
    If you would require to fly in earlier or return later, please contact me, we can make you an attractive offer. If you don’t need flights at all, because you don’t come from Hong Kong for example, that is not a problem, please contact me and we can work something out;

    The Federal is a ****hotel on Bukit Bintang, the Lan Kwai Fong area of KL! Room and breakfast is
    included in the package. There’s a very nice swimming pool in the patio, and the atmosphere is
    nice and friendly. It is located next to some major shopping Plazas; there are plenty of bars,
    restaurants, discos, and so on in the direct proximity. It’s the third year we will be going to this
    hotel. I was assured there will not be an organic weekend planned!!!

    Our Race Weekend Schedule (To Be Confirmed!):
    As the qualifying format has changed once again, we will have to wait for the Bahrain race to see
    how interesting the Saturday will be.
    For 2006, the single-lap system used in recent years is replaced be a new three-part, knockout
    format, with multiple cars on track throughout the qualifying hour, which is split into two 15-minute
    sessions and a final 20-minute session, with five-minute breaks in between.
    Part one: All 20 cars may run laps at any time during the first 15 minutes of the hour. At the end
    of the first 15 minutes, the five slowest cars drop out and fill the final five grid places.
    Part two: After a five-minute break, the times will be reset and the 15 remaining cars then will
    then run in a second 15-minute session - again they may complete as many laps as they want at
    any time during that period. At the end of the 15 minutes, the five slowest cars drop out and fill
    places 11 to 15 on the grid.
    Part three: After another five-minute break, the times are reset and the final 20-minute session
    will feature a shootout between the remaining 10 cars to decide pole position and the starting
    order for the top 10 grid places. Again, these cars may run as many laps as they wish.
    In the first two 15-minute sessions, cars may run any fuel load and drivers knocked out after
    those sessions may refuel ahead of the race. However, the top-ten drivers must begin the final
    20-minute session with the fuel load on which they plan to start the race. They will be weighed
    before they leave the pits, and whatever fuel they use in the 20 minutes may be replaced at the
    end of the session.
    Sunday has the race at 15:00. Departure will be scheduled about 8AM, most probably. More
    details to come.
    All transportation in Kuala Lumpur is included in the package; this includes the transfer from the
    airport to the Hotel on Friday night, from the hotel to the race track and back on Saturday and
    Sunday and return from the hotel to the airport on Monday afternoon, all with an air-conditioned
    touring car and the same driver and guide as the past years.
    Apart from the race, if you want to go shopping or sightseeing or anything on Saturday (Sunday
    would be a bad idea), nobody has to go to the circuit, it’s a free weekend for all.

    Departure: Friday 17 March 14:35 (KL 18:20)
    Monday 20 March 18:45 (HK 22:30)
    Package 1 HKD 4,488
    Flights (HK-KL-HK) + **** Hotel + Transportation KL Airport-Hotel-Race-
    Airport + Free Seating Area K2*
    Package 2 HKD 5,688
    Flights (HK-KL-HK) + **** Hotel + Transportation KL Airport-Hotel-Race-
    Airport + K1 gold seating
    Package3 HKD 6,088
    Flights (HK-KL-HK) + **** Hotel + Transportation KL Airport-Hotel-Race-
    Airport + K1 platinum seating
    Single Room surcharge HKD 1,000

    Please return by fax to 2987 9446 or by email to [email protected]