Optician recommends

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    Optician recommends

    Hi, anyone know a good Optician.



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    Hong Kong

    Hi Ben

    I guess it depends where you live or work?

    I know a very good one in Shatin which I've been going back to for the last 8 years.

    It's the Optical Centre, in New Town Plaza, Shatin. After you exit the KCR station keep walking forwards, then down one level (where you see a set of escalators), turn right, keep walking and you'll see the opticians on your right.

    There's a female member of staff I always go back to. She's never pushy, nor try to hard sell stuff on you, and usually offers me a discount - when I ask for one of course! Their prices are competitive, and service is efficient.

    As they're a branch, I'm sure they have similar service standards, but I can't guarantee no hard-sell in other branches. Best to always haggle too as usually they have a margin which they can reduce, in order to make the sale.