shoes, lint remover, tailors, websites, target equivalent...

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    shoes, lint remover, tailors, websites, target equivalent...

    hi everyone,
    I'm new to the site! going to be in HK some months. love it, but a few questions:

    1. does anyone know where to buy lint remover? I'm talking about the cylindrical ones that have sticky stuff on them, you peel off the paper and use it on your clothes. have been looking all over, can't find them.

    2. shoes: I have a US 8W. I know that's about 39, but it's so hard to find wide sizes. any advice? (and yes I've tried Marks and Spencer - not wide enough. Are there any other western chain stores? and while I"m at it, any size charts online - US-HK equivalents in clothes, shoes, etc?)

    3. I'd like to get some casual and business clothes made here. any recommendations? what prices did you pay, if you don't mind my asking? thanks

    4. where can I find larger clothes other than Marks and Spencer?

    5. any equivalents to Target or Wal-mart? that is, general stores where you can find almost anything for daily life? so far either street markets, boutiques or dept stores...

    6. finally: useful websites? so far this one, discover hong kong, (which sometimes displays funnily) and ??? for maps, movies, news, etc etc...Also where can I buy books online that deliver to HK, amazon would be superexpensive. is there amazon hk? or other book sites for books released in US but could be mailed to HK?

    thanks so much for all help, sorry to be putting it all in one thread but I figure it's easier than reading thru a lot of threads. all help is appreciated.

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    Welcome to hknovice!

    To answer some of your questions....

    1. I have seen lint removers in Wing On department store in Central. You need to go in the basement and walk towards the trash can aisle; just before that are a few racks where you should find lint removers.

    2. Don't know about wide sizes, but you can try SOGO in Causeway Bay.

    3. Try Harry's fashion on Mody road in Houston Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui. Not sure about prices.

    5. There isn't any Walmart or Target in HK. I wish there was! But Wing On is pretty good; a little pricier than other stores, but you get most of the stuff there.

    6. has been the most useful website for me. People here are very helpful and friendly. For maps and/or bus routes you can look at and

    Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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    Books - I like <snip> a lot. V gd selection.

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    We have our own bookstore on and have access to pretty much all the Books/DVDs/CDs listed on amazon. PM me the ISBN and will source it for you.