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Living on a boat

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    Living on a boat

    Would anybody be able to help out with morring costs and if you are allowed to live on a boat in a marina.
    Any info much appreciated.

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    contact moving07, she lives on a boat in Gold Coast.

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    Which marina?

    There are three that are typically used residentially - Discovery Bay is the biggest, the Gold Coast and I believe the third is in Clearwater Bay but I never found it when I went looking.

    To live in a marina you need a few basic things, like docks and electricity/phone/water supply etc. Many of the other marinas don't have all of these - but may have a few, you'd have to check. DB and Gold Coast (at minimum, don't know about the others) also have a great club adjacent to the marina so you get all sorts of additional facilities - we have a swimming pool, tennis/squash courts, gym, restaurants and other stuff here.

    Mooring costs here approx 7k per month for a 62foot boat (this is what I pay for ours); less for smaller and more for longer. But in addition you have to factor in the cost of club membership (circa 1-2k depending on how many of you there are); boat boys for boat washing; insurance; maintenance; marine licence fees etc. However, you have to get the right to moor as well (this is a debenture for long term tenants - cost some few hundred thousand hkd depending on availability). Unsure if there are short term non member mooring options available.

    Hope this helps.

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