About personal trainers in Cali Fitness

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    About personal trainers in Cali Fitness

    Glad if someone can help with info on personal trainers in California Fitness.

    1) I go to the Cali Fitness Causeway Bay was thinking of opting for a Physical trainer for 10-15 sessions. I have been training for a couple of months (used to do before in college so have decent techniques, etc) - but wanted to learn more about how to gain lean weight - Any experiences to share/trainers to recommend

    2) What is the concept of private trainer? is there a way I can ask someone NOT from Cali Fitness to come and supervise INSIDE Cali Fitness gym? .. I have heard they are cheap, and more helpful/knowledgable

    3) I asked around a couple of trainers - they always seem to mention "Today" is the last date of the promotion and you ought to take it today. I dislike this pushy salesmanship - there's more to it than just exchange of money.

    4) Any other helpful info/dos and donts

    Thanks much!

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    read the contract

    and ignore everything their professional salespeople tell you, note in particular that their standard form contract says:

    1. the gym has the right to change trainers anytime without your notice or consent

    2. you are not allowed to amend any terms but the gym can

    3. there are only penalties for a member turning up late or “no show”, nothing about when a trainer gives you 20-minute sessions

    4. by signing, you will be acknowledging that you have been given sufficient time to review the terms, and that you have received a copy of the agreement

    5. you are required to swipe for your session BEFOREHAND

    not that i've tried, but have heard that the more professional trainers are at the smaller gyms in town (mostly in Central/LKF area), but the downside is less equipment i suppose.