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Why Yaumatei is not considered a good area to live

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    Thumbs up Exist everywhere

    Problems and social ills surround us everywhere it is just in some areas they are more pervalent than in others. Or people seem to only see them where they want to see them

    Such as Drugs and Prostitution both exist in Central just as in Yau Ma Tei in the same scope however the price one pays for drugs and a prostitute in Central compared to Yau Ma Tei is significantly different. The high end boutique drugs are easily found in Central as well as your high end escorts/hookers/prostitutes in Yau Ma Tei it is signficantly cheaper.

    Not all people in the world have a choice and others end up where they are by circumstance (not everyone is lucky enough to be nutured or to have positive opportunities that will lead to a lifetime or even some positive possibilties)

    Now I choose to live in Yau Ma Tei / Jordan area because of 3C's of Hong Kong - CONVENIENCE - CULTURE - CHINESE

    Convenience - I frequently must travel between HK Island and NT as well as mainland China from time to time -- almost every concievable mode of transportation is within a 10 minute walk from my front door.

    Culture - Yau Ma Tei in my perosoal opinion runs the culture spectrum from South Asian to African to American with all age inclusive

    Chinese - Because of where I live I can actually comprehend Cantonese at a high intermediate level even though I studied Mandarin. The area is rich in history as well.

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    [QUOTE=geo-seb]You got a point there. But I think it is quite common that people, if they have a choice, prefer live somewhere where they don't witness such problems on a daily basis.[/QUOT

    Some people gotta live there !

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    Yaumatei is not considered a good place to live for most of the HK people is just because the district is old. Most of their buildings are not provided with good faciltieis, eg club house. Also, most of their new generation for that district are moved out. Therefore the district population is aging, and the consumption is not as good as other areas. However, I don't think that it is not safe to live in.

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    I think YMT is great too; plenty of cheap stuff and gives you the opportunity to appreciate the "locals".

    In relation to the choice to see or not to see, well, people are entitled to do what they want. For example, they have a choice to:

    1) Face reality
    2) Shield themselves from it
    3) Going to an expensive restaurant because it's classy, even through the food is terrible.
    4) Paying heaps for a "siht" cup of coffee and sitting around for hours
    5) Come to a new country and doing the same things as they did back home, without trying to understand the country they are visiting.
    6) Selective dating based on race...
    7) People judging books by their cover...
    8) People engaging in activities because it is considered cool, not because they are interested in it.
    7) Etc, etc, etc...

    I love democracy! People can do anything (within the law) and I can laugh at it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobbybo:
    Anyone who lived in Yaumatei that can share his/her experience?
    I've lived in Mong Kok for a year and go to YMT often. Excellent neighborhood, rich in HK beauty and history. The real city.

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