Does anyone subscribe to the NOW TV golf channels? I signed up to the golf channel and the golf tour channel after being misled to believe that I will be able to watch professional golf.

The golf channel is just a constant replay of 1-2 instructional golf DVD's broken up with advertising. They do have the odd golf commentary on the PGA tour.

The golf tour channel is really where get's ridiculous

Firstly it doesn't broadcast any PGA Tour games - I guess there must be an exclusive rights agreement with cable TV or something. They broadcast replays of some of the European tour games but I miss out on anything that is co-sanctioned by the PGA Tour such as all the majors, players championship and anything else that is important in the world of golf.

So basically with the 2 golf channels combined you get to watch womens golf, some Asian golf tour and some replays of unimportant European tour games and even some Asian developmental tour - ie Asian high school golf.

A bit annoyed I called up and asked and they responded that they never claimed to play the PGA tour (stupid me assumed that "golf tour" would mean PGA tour) but that they would have the majors and the players championship on the the golf channel (not the golf tour channel).

Anyway last weekend was the Players Championship so I was looking forward to watching some golf. I checked the TV program and it said "Live from the Players 2010". I was looking forward to it only to be dissapointed one more time.

"Live from the Players 2010" is a replay of a 1 hour compilation of commentary and interviews at least a day old that looks like several clips from youtube and on the PGA website joined together with NOW TV advertising.

What a load of garbage!

No golf except for some highlights in the commentary, and definitely nothing live. Not only that it wasn't live but the clips were not even strung together in sequential order.

Does anyone else in HK pay for this?

Anyway I will cancel my subscription with NOW TV and want to know what the golf channel on Cable is like and how much the packages cost?