Where can I get my Gamecube fixed?

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    Unhappy Where can I get my Gamecube fixed?

    My friend game me his Nintendo Gamecube and I brought it back from the US to Hong Kong and was playing it using a travel adapter. About 30 minutes later the Gamecube without warning, just shut off, and I couldn't turn it on again. I checked the AC Adapter, and it was smelling fishy. I'm guessing that the AC Adapter blew because I should've used a power converter instead of a cheap travel adapter, right? Probably, haha...

    I want to check if the Gamecube is still okay, but have no means to do so. Does anyone know where I can bring the Gamecube to fix it or to check if it is broken or if only the AC Adapter is broken? Would places such as Mong Kong Computer Centre or 188 Wanchai be of any good, or would people at Broadway, etc be able to help me?

    Thanks in advance.

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    People at Broadway won't be able to help, better chance to take it to those game "malls" at Mongkok or Wan Chai 188, where they actually sell game consoles. Good luck