lost dog - can you help?

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    lost dog - can you help?

    Olivia {Lizzie} went missing on Bowen Rd Tuesday 28th March, around 8pm. She's a sweet, shy golden retriever cross with curly red furred ears. She's new to the area, having just been rescued. She's wearing a spotted collar, and has a white nose with black freckles. If you see her, or can think of a way to help us find her, please call Kris 91047839 or Rowe 65058549. She's much loved.

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    So sorry to hear about this.

    Do you have any photos to post? it will help.

    My friends just got their dog back after it was missing for a week so keep looking.

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    Dear Roxy,..
    Maybe the obviuos,
    - Dogs who go missing mostly go back to the place they know best (i.e. your house (but as it is new top the area,.maybe the place it came from) , or hang around the area where you lost contact (Bowen road) So keep coming back there to look for her.
    - Hopefully your dog has been microchipped so if it is found and brought to a shelter / SPCA / Vet they will check it for a chip and contact you.
    - Have a look at the SPCA website and contact them,..they have a lost and found service where they will help you with finding your dog.

    Good luck