Hi there,

I'm a film-maker, myself & the crew will be shooting a project over the 15th & 16th April. We are having a hard time finding a suitible location to shoot in and I'm looking for a kind hearted person who might want to help out some local film-makers. We have no budget and are financing this short film ourselves and borrowing equipment for free, so we can't pay, but you will be given credit, position as location manager on the shoot (if you want it) , a copy of the film & an invitation to a screening.

We are looking for an apartment with a large lounge area with a door leading off to a kitchen or kitchen like area, because of logistics we are looking for somewhere fairly close to the city area, so we can taxi our lights and equipment easily & cheaply. We only want to film in the lounge & a few shots in the kitchen.

If anyone can help us out, that would be great, or if you know someone who can, please ask them to contact me.

Many Thanks Jacqueline 9526 7716