what's with the red packets?

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    Lightbulb what's with the red packets?

    today went to the bank to change $20 notes for red packets. no $20 available, only $10. so i changed $10. told my husband that we will be giving $10 instead of $20 and my husband, who happened to be a hong kong chinese.. insisted that we give $20. small issue, but i thought the red packets is sort of like, bring 'good luck' and 'prosperity'. is the amount very important? maybe i am not in hk long enough. will someone please enlighten me?

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    The amount isn't really a problem as red pockets are meant for as you said, 'good luck' and 'prosperity'. However, the amount shows how generosity you are when giving red pockets. Back during economic hard times, many people gave $10 instead of $20. They didn't use the $10 coin, instead they collected and saved the old $10 bills before new ones were issued in 2003. But now since the economy is improving, $20 seems to be a fair amount. At least you could have a lunch box out of $20....