Question about Immigration at Shenzhen border

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    Question -- Urgent -- Ques abt Immigration at Shenzhen border

    hi everyone,
    my social visa (14 days) is about to expire, everytime i often go to shenzhen and then come back for another 14 days. but i wonder if i dont need to go to shenzhen, just pass the immigration there and come back to the Arrivals immediately? by this way i dont need a chinese visa which is quite expensive...pls anyone can tell me if it works..??

    thanks a lot

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    I don't think you can enter HK without going through the China exit procedures. Not sure how the different counters are linked up.

    If you're willing to risk it, let us know how it works out. I do have a feeling immigration is going to look at this pretty seriously... as I'd imagine, if its possible to do this, you're not the first one to have used / abused this mechanism of getting an extension.

    The easier way of getting a legitimate extension is to approach the immigration office in Wanchai and ask them for an extension. Most of the time if you have a legitimate reason and a valid sponsor, they'll give you the extension you need.

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    As Knowitall says it is not a good way to operate. Immigration will have a record of all of your activities and if you go in and out too frequently you may encounter some issues and questions on what is your purpose in Hong Kong.

    The extension is the best way and if you plan to stay here long term then the Investment visa and employment visa would be the next step.