this thread is so helpful.
i am an australian who is moving to hong kong on a working visa (my company has offices perth and HK. moving jan/feb 07)
my partner (de facto) wants to come.
working holiday visa seems easy enough for him to obtain - but runs out in 12 months, and he can only work temporary jobs.

1. if we got married now would that just look ridiculous to the HK immigration dept and they would think its a scam? because if he can work on a dependent visa then thats the best solution and getting married is what we want anyway (eventually!)

2. it is possible to be on a working holiday visa and change to a working visa (like mine) given that the company sponsors him? (his aust emloyer SHELL also has HK office but no vacancy atm)

i made another thread about casual work. we have so much to think about before i move