I have a work visa for HK and my wife who is a mainland resident has a dependent visa. What type of visa does she need to get from the mainland to be able to go to and from the mainland to HK?

I have read around the forums but need some more clarification. She just went back to the mainland to get a new passport and blue book as they were going to run out in November. I have a full year work visa until July 2011, but because her books were going to run out she was only given a 3 month dependent visa here in HK just before she left.

In her hometown she has just been given a 3 month D visa. I was wondering if it is 3 months because that is all that is given out, or it is just because she has only 3 months dependent visa. Do they issue these for a year?

If she flies back to HK, gets a full year dependent visa then flies back to the mainland, can she get a full year d visa, or is there another visa to be able to allow her multiple entry to and from the mainland?

and…. once she gets whatever type of visa for one year is it possible to get it reissued at CTS rather than heading back to the mainland each year. This would of course be depending on her having a dependent visa for the following year.

Many thanks for any help, my wife is in her hometown now busy trying to get answers to these same questions, but alas it is not proving as easy as we had hoped.