Sticker in father's passport??

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    Sticker in father's passport??

    hi all

    I will be giving birth in hk in 3 mths and i want to bring the baby back to china right away. I was thinking of getting a passport for the baby earlier but since it takes so long, i figured that it might be easier to get a sticker in my husband's passport. my hubby is dutch and i am singaporean, but i want the baby to have a dutch passport

    my question is: has anyone ever done this b4 ie gotten a sticker for a baby in the dads passport and brought the baby to china right away? does the chinese govt even allow this? I am a legal resident of china and have a valid visa.

    any help will be appreciated!

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    Sai Kung

    as i responded in your question on geobaby... here it is again...

    in the past, it has been possible to include children in the MOTHER'S passport (NEVER the father's as far as i know).

    NOW, most countries REQUIRE children to have their OWN passport.

    this means if you are not chinese citizens, you MUST:
    1) register the birth in hk
    2) apply for your child's passport (from your consulate)
    3) apply for a visa for your child.

    there is no getting around this....