Hong Kong Working Visa

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    Hong Kong Working Visa

    I am sure this post has been on this board a hundred times, but I will ask anyways.

    Background info: I am US law student about to graduate. I have work experience primarily in business and tax law.

    The other day I was searching job posts and found a new grad. tax program at a Big 4 company in HK. The advertisement said open to all grads., but you must have the right of domicle. I applied anyways since I will be a lawyer, speak decent Chinese, and have some experience in accounting.

    Today, I got a response from the firm informing that they will not continue reviewing my application because the HK government will not give a new graduate a work visa.

    My questions are--Is this an excuse from them to deny me? Can they sponsor me because I am not really a new grad. with little experience.... I will be a licensed attorney? How do I get a work visa anyways? Should I respond to the company and tell them my concerns?

    To be honest, I was a little upset that I was denied for the lack of visa. I think my resume stacks up well....If any advice I would appreciate it.

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    Besides just having a law degree you do need solid experience in the field as you need to have skills for the position in Hong Kong that nobody else has in Hong Kong. This has to be proven in your application.

    Please let me know if you want your case reviewed for free.