Help - US Passport/Shenzhen Visa

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    Help - US Passport/Shenzhen Visa

    I have a visitor from the US arriving on a saturday and hoping to go to Shenzhen on Monday - is there any way they can get a Shenzhen visa in one day from China Travel Services in Mongkok? They have a US Passport and were hoping for a one day visa turnaround on a Sunday.

    Can a US Passport holder get a Shenzhen visa in one-day on a Sunday at the Mongkok CTS, and how much would the one day turnaround on a Sunday cost?

    Many many thanks in advance for advice.

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    I don't think CTS can help you as the china consulate is closed. Your friends should try to get their visas before they arrive HK.

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    US Passport/Shenzhen Visa

    Hi! You should go to the Tsimshatsui branch of China Travel Agency. They are open even on sundays. But they will charge you extra. Also, your friend can get his/her visa in the LoWu boarder in Shenzhen. But, this I think is only valid for a 5 day stay at the Special Economic area in Shenzhen.

    Hope that helps.