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    Hello there

    I am HK Permanent Identity Card holder. I was born in HK. I got marriage in England last March 04. My husband who comes from Australia, he also British citizen.

    My husband is in England at the moment. He decided that he will come over HK to live and find a job on August. Therefore when he arrive in HK I will sponser him to apply the spouse visa (Dependant Visa).

    1) I could get HKD11K salary for every month. If I sponser my husband to apply the dependant visa. Is it possible? Do I have to show over 6 months finance support? Otherwise if I just work in the same company over 3 months. Is it alright? (Actually I got back to HK on 29th March. I have just got the job)

    2) What kind of information do I have to show to HK immigration when my husband to apply the Dependant visa?

    3) When my husband comes over to HK. He will lives in my parent's place first then when we settle down. We will find out somewhere place to live. The thing is Should I put my name in my parent's house lease/agreement? I understand that I have to show HK immigration that the Accommodation support.

    I am looking forward to receiving the feedback.

    Thank you so much


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    I can help you out with one point, that when the immigration department is evaluating your case they will look at your combined net worth (salary and savings) not just yours.

    If you would like me to give you a free evaluation of your husbands case send me an email to [email protected]. After that you can ask us to manage the case for you and we can then release our crafted document list to you of what is needed.