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    Home Return Permit US to HK to Shanghai and back to US

    Hi all,

    I'm planning a vacation in October to Hong Kong and Shanghai for two weeks.

    I am a US Citizen with US Passport living/working in the US and possess a Home Return Permit and HKID. I'm planning to purchase a multi city flight trip. Flying from US to Hong Kong staying for a week and then flying from HK to shanghai staying for another week before returning directly to the US from Shanghai.

    I've never flown to China with the home return permit and not return back to HK first before I returned to the US. Would I have any problems as I am flying from Shanghai directly back to the US? For example when I leave Shanghai to US they will ask for my US Passport and see that I have no china visa in it?

    Anyone have a similar experience or insight into this?

    I know returning to china with a home return permit forgoes my right to foreign consular rights but I'm not too worried about that part.

    Thank you in advance!

    Here's two threads I found on a similar topic but just wanted to be certain about the flying from Shanghai direct back to the US.


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    enter hk with hkid
    exit hk with hkid
    enter china with HRP
    leave china with HRP
    enter US with Us passport.