call for help on my working visa application

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    call for help on my working visa application

    Dear all,

    I was offered a position as Analyst with a small US Fund House, and now preparing for my working-visa application.

    I got few disadvantages:
    1. I am fresh graduate;
    2. My salary is as low as $15,000, but may have bonus once passed probation;
    3. the company is small, around 5-8 people only;

    I know there were some people were rejected by those reasons above, so anyone else have positive experience in how to obtain the working-visa by overcoming the above disadvantages? And how long did it take for obtaining the visa?

    And I am going to do it through a immigration agent, I heard from some one else here, immigration agent may take longer time for the process, is it right?

    Thank you very much for your information...

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    Did you do something special in college? Say a senior paper or something like that?

    Use something special in your background and associate that with a requirement from your employer.

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    It all depends on the company and crucially whether your job can be done by a local. The only reason small companies and low wages attract the immigration departments attention is because they think the role is an unlikley one for an expat.

    If however you can prove that a local can't fill your boots that's all they need to know

    I was employed by a small size company and for a comparable wage and the process was relativly straightforward, around eight weeks.

    Where you may have a problem is as a fresh graduate showing you have essential skills that a local does not, and speaking English well won't cut it.

    If its a US fund house they probably have experience in thsi kind of thing and know how to handle the imm department.

    Best of luck